Artgineering - Stefan Bendiks, Aglaée Degros

Citizenship: Germany, Belgium
* 1971 in Kulmbach, D (Bendiks), * 1972 in Leuven, BE (Degros)
Residence: 01.01. - 01.03.2007

Curriculum vitae Stefan Bendiks
Curriculum vitae Aglaée Degros

Project: Beyond the road, Text published in "N4 - towards a living infrastructure"

"... Together with Aglaee Degros I am currently working on a PhD at the TU Delft department of urbanism. The research aim is to investigate and understand the interrelation of roads, built environment and landscape on the scale of the region, in historical as well as in international dimension. ... Being artist in residence in Krems made it amongst other things possible to research and write the text ‘Beyond the road’, the epilogue of the publication ‘N4 - toward a living infrastructure’ published end of April 2007 by A16 publishers Brussels ..." (Artgineering)